Specializing in developing State-Of-The-Art Self Storage Facilities and maximizing profits for our investors and coaching clients.

Storage Facility Developments

The self-storage industry is expanding and now is an excellent time to take advantage of this market. This is a unique opportunity that sheds much of the hassle associated with residential real estate.

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Coaching & Masterminds

Whether it is through incredibly informative and exciting mastermind events, or through personal coaching, you can learn how you can take your finances and life into your own hands. Brightwork can help you to get up into a whole new level.

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Turnkey Vacation Homes

A great way to expand your business or as a main source all on its own. Turnkey vacation homes are a great way to generate revenue without many of the problems of traditional property flipping.

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Why Choose Brightwork Real Estate Investing

Husband and wife team, Kristy and Brady McDonald started BK Real Estate Investing in 2014 when they realized the wealth and freedom that real estate investing can bring. Since then we have a winning strategy with over 100 properties.







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