Our Story

Arborist and Appraiser to a Residential Real Estate and State-Of-The-Art Self Storage Developer, Elite Business Coaches in North America!

Brady and Kristy Allison McDonald started investing in real estate in 2015 while working full time jobs.   Brady had a comfy 6 figure job as a Utility Arborist Instructor and Kristy was a Real Estate Appraiser, but they knew they wanted more.  They wanted the wealth and freedom to live their ideal lifestyle so they could do what they want, with who they want and where they want!  After learning about the opportunity real estate investing could provide, they quickly took action and started BK Real Estate Investing.

They started acquiring property and implementing the BRRR strategy where they would buy single family homes and renovate them into legal duplexes.  Once complete, they would refinance them to their new and high value which would then return the initial purchase capital and the renovation funds.  As you will read shorty- This is a version of the exact same strategy they utilize for their State-Of-The-Art Self Storage Facility Developments.

Once they proved the strategy, they quickly started to build their team and scale the business. From 2015-2019 they purchased well over 100 of these types of properties/projects while building their in-house construction and property management company to 20 staff! They were both able to quit their jobs in 2017 to focus on Real Estate Investing Full Time!

As the real estate market was changing, so was BK Real Estate Investing’s business and strategy.  In 2019 they became the leading builder and owner of detached coach houses in the area.  They have since built over 50 of these 650-750 Sq Ft Homes in the back yards of their duplexes through the City of Barrie, ON.

More recently in 2021, they turned to infill land development where they purchased homes on large lots, knocked the houses down, severed the lots into multiples, and are building purpose built triplex rental properties from the ground up.  Their in-house team at BK Real Estate Investing does all the excavation, underground sewer and water work into the city streets as well as all the project management and finishings work.  They currently own and manage 4- $3M-$6M multi-unit development projects along with the building and finishing of 9 back yard Coach Houses.

And this brings us to today and expanding in the USA!

As you may realize, Brady and Kristy are serial entrepreneurs and will do what it takes to reach their goals and to ensure their company and their partners are extremely successful!

They came to the US in late 2021 seeking 10X the opportunity in a place where they can live their ideal lifestyle and continue to build their business and raise their two young daughters. They quickly realized the vast opportunity in developing State-Of-The-Art Self-Storage facilities from the ground up.   It is the perfect recessions resistant real estate development type and asset class that creates massive equity and cashflow profits and is extremely scalable!  This is where Brightwork was born!

They quickly focused on building their team of experts and partners to execute and scale building these facilities!

Brightwork has expanded its operations across the Southern United States and will be looking to partner with great people and businesses!

Our Goals

Our goal is to implement the best real estate investing strategies and options to allow our co-venture partners and allow us to reach our financial and life goals quicker, easier and with greater success.

We love the financial freedom that real estate investing has given, freedom to live our lives on our own terms. We truly enjoy helping other people discover the amazing possibilities that real estate investing can bring into their lives.

It’s incredibly rewarding to take a property with little or negative cash flow, that many would deem undesirable, and then transform it into an attractive property, with positive cash flow that anyone would be proud to own.

About Brightwork

Growth happens in light.

Whether soaking up the sun’s rays, following the path of a beacon or simply flipping a switch to reveal what’s in the shadows, light fuels us, guides us and shows us the unseen.

For people, light represents the expansion of possibility and potential. After all, we can’t be what we can’t see.

Brightwork illuminates possibility: possibility around us and within us.

By sharing light in the form of unwavering vision, unshakeable optimism, and proven processes, the Brightwork team helps others see and achieve more than they could before.

Light requires energy so you’ll notice that we move a little faster, we push a little harder and we focus a whole lot. Illuminating real estate means that you’ll begin to see opportunity everywhere you look. Brightwork will help you get there, because open minds, open doors.

Storage Facility Developments

As an emerging and unique market, self-storage development investing is shaping up to be one of the most hassle-free and remunerative opportunities for accredited investors. Brightwork specializes in this area and is always locating great opportunities.

Mastermind Events

These events showcase a wealth of information to help upcoming and seasoned investors alike. Whether you are looking to get into the real estate market, expand your going business, or are just looking for your dream home, these events are for you.