Passive Income and Wealth Preservation through Private Real Estate Investments

Our team is focused on consistent client outcomes and predictable income streams to meet our investors goals and objectives. Each deal undergoes extensive in house and third party due diligence allowing us to offer the best opportunities matched to the individual clients actual needs. Helping our clients “buy back” their time and piece of mind is our company mission.

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Where We Invest

Storage Facility Developments

As an emerging and unique market, self-storage development investing is shaping up to be one of the most hassle-free and remunerative opportunities for accredited investors. Brightwork specializes in this area and is always locating great opportunities.

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Meet Our Founders

Brady and Kristy McDonald

Husband and wife team, Kristy and Brady McDonald started BRIGHTWORK when they realized the wealth and freedom that real estate investing can bring.

By mid-2018, they’d purchased and renovated over 75 properties. Throughout this journey, Kristy and Brady created and perfected strategies and systems to make renovations, co-venture partnerships and property management run smoothly. Today, they share these strategies and systems with clients who want to find their own financial freedom through real estate investing.

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