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Brightwork creates turn key vacations rentals that are ready for you to live in, rent out long term, or even as short-term rentals. Turn key rentals are a great addition to any investor’s portfolio. They are hands off, simple to own, and they provide cash flow that can help you achieve your financial goals.

Why Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing, when done properly, can help you reach your financial and life goals quicker, easier and with greater success. Typically, real estate investing provides better return on investments (ROI) than the stock market, and with less volatility. It’s a great way to diversify your investments and to create lasting, ongoing wealth through the purchase of income properties that increase in value over time, while at the same time, provide you with a regular income.

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Types of Real Estate Investment Properties

Single Family Home
or Town House

Single family homes and town houses are not ideal for income properties because often the monthly rental income generated is not enough to pay the monthly expenses.

Duplex or
Second Suite

Duplexes or second suite homes have 2 legal units within one building and are an excellent investment option. If purchased correctly, they can pay you monthly positive cash flow. When you’re ready to sell, they are highly sought after.

Triplex, Four-Plex
& Five-Plex

Triplex, four-plex and five-plex properties have 3-5 units in one building and can still be financed through traditional bank channels, where you would qualify for financing personally.

& Larger

These properties can have 6 to 100’s of units. At this point, the financing changes completely. Qualification for financing is based more on the property itself versus you personally.

Real Estate Investment Strategies

At BK Real Estate Investing, our primary real estate investment strategy is to identify an ideal property, buy it, renovate to add a legal second suite and then refinance at its new higher value. We then rent both units at top rent and hold it, ideally for 5+ years to maximize ROI.

The wealth and money is created is by the following 4 components; all of which take expertise and patience.

Market Appreciation

When the property naturally rises in value with the market. We only invest in good markets that have a long term history of increasing values.

Forced Appreciation

When the property’s value is purposely driven higher through renovations, and in our case; creating a turn-key second suite within the home.

Cash Flow

The amount of rental cash money that is left over after all expenses are paid. We only invest in properties that have positive cash flow.

Mortgage Pay Down

The amount of money that is paid against the principal of the mortgage that will be captured at a refinance or when it is sold.

Teaming up with Real Estate Pros

You want to invest in real estate and have money or the ability to borrow funds from banks. But you don’t have the time and expertise, or don’t live in proximity to the best markets. You don’t want the hassle of calls from tenants or the day-to-day detail of managing a rental property. Does this sound like you?
Teaming up with real estate pros through a co-venture provides you with excellent options to get involved in real estate investing and be successful. We often team up with investors just like you who want the benefits of real estate investing without the headaches of finding the right property, negotiating the purchase, renovating it and then finding and managing tenants. We pool our strengths and resources, where each party does what they do best and have to offer. By joining forces, we all can achieve our individual goals quicker, easier and with greater success.

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Common Questions About Real Estate Investing

We host real estate investing events frequently where we present a variety of real estate investing topics. A few examples of topics include:

  • Finding Good Properties
  • Basics of Financing
  • How Money is Made
  • Renovations
  • Property Types ie: Single Family vs Duplex/Multifamily
  • Second Suite Conversions
  • Co-Venture Partnerships
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Goal Setting

Financing can come from many sources depending on an investor’s borrowing ability, number of properties in their portfolio, strategy, etc. BK Real Estate Investing has access to a number of financing options, from traditional bank lenders to private financing.

Typically, we purchase single family homes and then renovate them to create legal second suites. This can be done to almost any property type, such as a bungalow, two story, back split, side split, etc. Ultimately, our goal is to buy properties where we can renovate them/convert them to their highest and best use, ie: Duplex to Triplex.

Normally, at least a 20% down payment is required.

You’d need to consult both an accountant and a lawyer to answer this question since the answer can change based on your personal situation, goals and strategies.

We manage most of our portfolio, but do rely on a local property manager to manage some properties.

Our primary real estate investment strategy is known as Buy, Renovate, Refinance and Rent (BRRR), only when we renovate, we almost always convert the property to have a legal second suite.

Determining whether to hold an investment property or flip it depends on many factors. Some of these factors include:

    • Our and our Co-Venture Partner’s goals
    • The current and projected real estate market
    • The specifics of the property